ESDAR Conference 2017

ESDAR Conference 2017

Scientific Programme


Thursday 24th August 2017

15.00                 ESDAR Board meeting

18.00-19.30       Welcome reception


Friday 25th August 2017

08:15-08:30       Opening Session

08:30-09:40       Plenary session 1                              

08:30-09:10       Keynote lecture 1:

                          Mastitis – reduction of antibiotics  

                          Volker Krömker (Germany)                

                          Chair: G. Hirsbrunner


09:10-09:40       Keynote lecture 2:


                          Geert Opsomer (Belgium)                                   

                          Chair: U. Magnusson, 


09:40-10:10       Coffee break


10:10-10:50       Keynote lecture 3:

                          Inflammation and fertility in the mare         

                          Mette Christoffersen (Denmark)

                          Chair: B. Knutti


11:00-12:30       Oral communications I (for young scientists)                                       


12:30-14:00       Lunch break


13:10-14:00       Meeting of the ESDAR Country Representatives


14:00-15:30       Poster session I


15:30-16:00       Coffee break


16:00-17:30       Parallel workshops 1-5

                           WS1: Moderator: Christian Hanzen (Belgium)

                           Innovations for a better learning in animal reproduction (15.45-17.30)

                                 Herman Jonker (The Netherlands)
                                 Andreas Waldmann (Estonia)

                                 Wendela Wapenaar (UK)


                           WS2: Moderator: Michèle Bodmer (Switzerland)


                                 Olav Osteras (Norway)


                           WS3: Moderator: J. Kauffold (Germany)

                           Swine reproduction

                                 Olli Peltoniemi (Finland)


                            WS4: Moderator: C. Herrera (Switzerland)

                            Assisted reproductive techniques in mares

                                  Elise Jeannerat (Switzerland)

                                  Anthony Claes (The Netherlands)


                             WS5: Moderator: Gaby Hirsbrunner (Switzerland)

                             GnRH vaccination in cattle

                                  Henk Bertschinger (South Africa)


17:35                  ESDAR annual business meeting


20:00                  BBQ and dancing



Saturday 26th August 2017


08:30-09:50         Plenary session 2 


08:30-09:10         Keynote lecture 4:

                             Gene editing

                             Björn Petersen (Germany)

                             Chair: M. Crowe


09:10-09:50         Keynote lecture 5:

                             Molecular aspects in canine pyometra         

                             Ragnvi Hagmann (Sweden)

                             Chair: G. Ferreira-Dias


09:50-10:15         Coffee break


10.15-11:15         Oral communications I (1-4)


11:20-12:50         Parallel workshops 6-9

                             WS6:Moderator: Renée Båge (Sweden)

                             Eradication of BVD – are there cruxes?

                                  Christoph Keller (Switzerland)


                             WS7:Moderator: Sabine Schäfer-Somi (Austria)

                             Regulation/maintenance of canine and feline pregnancy

                                  Mariusz Kowalewski (Switzerland)


                             WS8:Moderator: Sylvie Chastant (France)

                             Assisted biotechnology in females

                                  Marie Saint-Dizier (France)


                             WS9:Moderator: Andrzej Ciereszko (Poland)

                             Omics technologies (sperm quality)

                                  Sean Fair (Ireland)                                   


12:50-14:00         Lunch break


14:00-15:30         Poster session II


15:30-15:50          Coffee break


15:50-16:50         Oral communications II (5-8)


17:00-17:15         Closure of ESDAR