European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)

ESDAR Conference 2021


11th to 16th October, 2021

Deadline for poster submission: 1st October, 2021

Dear ESDAR sympathizer,


I honestly hope you and your family are doing fine and are currently looking forward to a well-deserved holiday period. With this email, we inform you about the decisions that recently have been taken by the ESDAR Board regarding our annual conference.


Basically, although the Board aimed to organize a ‘real’ and life conference in 2021, the local organizing committee in Thessaloniki informed us that they didn’t get the permission yet from the Greek authorities to organize a conference like ours. Since the organization should have started at least in May-June in order to have enough time to organize a high quality conference, the Board had to decide again to postpone the conference with one year. However, since we felt that the distribution of the scientific content and the publication of the accepted abstracts could no longer be delayed, the Board decided to organize an online conference in October 2021.


We of course realize that all of you have already participated in (too) many (too) long lasting online conferences during the last year. Therefore, we decided to organize short contributions of maximally 2 hours that will be spread over 1 whole week. So, it is our pleasure to inform you about the organization ofthe first online ECAR-ESDAR week, which will take place between 11 and 16 October 2021. This week will start with the contribution of the ECAR on Monday October 11 in the afternoon. Every night in this week, we will have a scientific session of approximately 2 hours. You can find the first, preliminary program attached.

The Board furthermore decided that participation in each of these sessions will be for free for everyone, both ESDAR members as well as non-members. Furthermore,  all ESDAR-membership fees paid for 2021, will also cover ESDAR-membership for 2022.


Our conference secretary together with the help of the full Board is currently finalizing the program in detail and is taking care of the organization of the online event. Further information about the full program and about how to register to participate in this first ECAR-ESDAR online event, will be distributed later.


Looking forward to meet you all on one of the online events in October 2021 and looking forward even more to the 2022 conference which will be held in Thessaloniki,


Very best regards,


Geert Opsomer

On behalf of the ESDAR Board  

ESDAR 2021 online

The European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)

is a non-profitable community with special emphasis on reproduction in domestic animals and wild animals as well. The society supports all activities to stimulate education and research in the field of reproduction, especially for clinical aspects, biotechnology and physiology of reproduction. The society has a strong mutual collaboration with the European College of Animal Reproduction (ECAR). On a regular basis, the society organizes meetings and workshops. Cooperations with other national and international societies are welcome.