Esdar Conference 2015

19th Annual ESDAR Conference 2015

First Announcement

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to Albena Resort, Varna, Bulgaria, on 16-19 September 2015 for the 19th Annual Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction and the Annual Meeting of EU-AI Vets.

Following the tradition, the ESDAR Conference will be held in association with the annual meeting of the EU-AI-Vets. The event will be organized by ESDAR, EU-AI Vets and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The ESDAR conference will emphasize on the innovative research processes in the field of reproduction of domestic and wild animals. During our event, opinion leaders from many countries will share with us the current advances in the field of reproductive biology and biotechnology in addition to the traditional veterinary medicine, physiology and pathology of animal reproduction.


The ESDAR conference will introduce the implementation of reproductive biotechnologies for preserving the genetic resources of the Balkans as special workshops organized by the Balkan Network for Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction will be included in the program.

The ESDAR conference will give you new energy and insight to the future of reproductive research, especially its clinical aspects, biotechnology and physiology of reproduction. It will also be a perfect opportunity to meet with your international colleagues.

We shall be really happy to welcome you to the sunny and warm Albena in September – one of the most picturesque Bulgarian Black Sea resorts!

Prof. Dr. Dimitrina Kacheva

Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee



Main topics

- Innovative approaches to control reproduction in dogs

- Nutritional strategies to enhance reproduction

- Newly identified genes controlling reproductive traits across species

- reproduction in fish

- Implementation of reproductive biotechnologies for preserving the genetic resources
of the Balkans



Important deadlines

- Deadline for submission of abstracts: 2 March 2015

- Deadline for reduced registration: 1 May 2015



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