European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)

List of oral communications

Session 1: Friday 4 parallel sessions (11.30-12.30 – presentations of 10 minutes and 5 minutes of questions)

1.1: Morphological, hormonal and histological modifications induced by immunization against GnRH in stallions

(J. Bruyas et al. - 452 - France)

1.2: Identification and quantification of differentially expressed seminal plasma proteins between boar ejaculate fractions

(C. Perz-Patino et al. - 561 - Spain)

1.3: Changes in flow Doppler indexes of the testicular artery in peri-pubertal donkeys

(A. Rota et al.- 608 – Italia)

1.4: Testicular hemodynamic changes in ram according to the ejaculation and the season of the year

(T. Jasinski et al. - 507 – Poland)



2.1: Urine Pregnancy-associated Glycoproteins (PAG) in embryonic loss diagnosis in dairy cattle

(M. Petrajtis-Gołobów et al. - 388 – Poland)

2.2: Expression of VEGFC and its receptors in the porcine uterus during early pregnancy

(A. Złotkowska et al. - 602 – Poland)

2.3: Immunization against GnRH in adult cattle: a prospective field study

(S. Rigert et al. - 337 – Switzerland)

2.4: Serum equine alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels as an indicator of twin pregnancy in the mare

(B. Vincze et al. - 382 – Hungary)



3.1: Influence of an extended lactation on the fertility of high-yielding dairy cows

(G. Tsousis et al. - 312 – Greece)

3.2: Fertility of lactating Holstein cows after synchronization of ovulation and timed artificial insemination versus artificial insemination after detection of estrus at a similar DIM range

(V. Santos et al. - 560 – Portugal)

3.3: Trueperella pyogenes isolated from a cow with clinical endometritis showed a higher growth rate and increased mRNA expression of virulence factors compared with a strain isolated from a healthy cow

(M. Ibrahim et al. - 487 – Germany)

3.4: Effect of diet on energy balance and reproductive performance in primiparous Holstein and SRB cows

(T. Ntallaris et al. - 334 – Sweden)



4.1: Progesterone addition to oocyte maturation medium enhances homologous sperm-zona pellucida binding in the equine species

(B. Macías-García et al. - 307 – Spain)

4.2: Notch and Wnt interplay in the regulation of the pace of embryo developmental kinetics

(M. Batista et al. - 380 – Portugal)

4.3: Regulation of focal adhesion pathway genes in bovine preimplantation embryos

(M. Saeed- Zidane et al. - 552 – Germany)

4.4: Immunolocalization of prolactin receptors in the equine oviduct in various stages of the estrous cycle and anestrus

(G. Lonc et al. - 564 – Poland)



Session 2: Saturday 4 parallel sessions (11.30-12.30 – presentations of 10 minutes and 5 minutes of questions)

5.1: Sperm motility is regulated by Notch signaling in the epididymal epithelium

(D. Murta et al. - 340 – Portugal)

5.2: Effect of supplemental antioxidants in soybean lecithin-based extender on Bovine sperm quality after cryopreservation

(A. Towhidi et al. - 257 – Iran)

5.3: Biological characteristics of spermatozoa and seminal plasma proteins in dogs with benign prostatic hyperplasia

(D. Gradinarska et al - 417 – Bulgaria)

5.4: Comparative analysis of carp seminal plasma proteome from different freezability semen

(M. Dietrich et al - 426 – Poland)


6.1: Microvesicles secreted from equine amniotic-derived cells and their role in in vitro equine endometritis model

(A. Lange-Consiglio et al. - 512 – Italia)

6.2: Mare endometrosis is dependent on estrous cycle cytokine environment

(M. Rebordao et al. - 527 – Portugal)

6.3: Heavy mares that retain fetal membranes and those that deliver fetal membranes physiologically differ in production of PGF2α and PGE2

(A. Rapacz-Leonard et al. - 377 – Poland)

6.4: Prognostic value of uterine biopsies for the evaluation of female donkey fertility: a preliminary study

(M. Quaresma et al. - 398 – Portugal)


7.1: A comparative analysis of the protein composition of the oviductal fluid and blood serum by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

(O. Acuña et al. - 551 – Spain)

7.2: Well-developed corpora lutea are important for establishment of the pregnancy of pigs

(S. Björkman et al. - 565 – Finland)

7.3: Investigation of Liver X Receptor pathway in luteal regression

(M. Hitit and A. Guzeloglu 477 – Turkey)

7.4: miRNAs expression during the peri-attachment period of pregnancy in the ovine endometrium

(M. Cengiz et al. - 416 – Turkey)



8.1: Comparison of the stress response at birth in preterm and term calves

(C. Nagel et al. - 480 – Austria)

8.2: Accuracy of endovaginal thermal telemetry on calving prediction in Piedmontese cattle

(A. Ricci et al. - 362 – Italy)

8.3: Correlations between the applied traction forces and different body measurements of Holstein Friesian calves extracted with the use of an in vitro model

(M. Becker et al. - 466 – Germany)

8.4: Neonatal and early life performance of asphyxiated piglets

(R. van Erp et al. - 267 – The Netherlands)