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Welcome to the ESDAR Conference 2019
in St. Petersburg, Russia
19th to 22nd September, 2019

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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to St. Petersburg, Russia, on September 19th – 22th 2019 for the 23th Annual Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction. The conferences are organized by ESDAR, Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Russian Research Institute of Farm Animal Genetics and Breeding. The annual conference of ESDAR aims to bring together both seniors and juniors in reproductive research to discuss reproductive processes in a variety of animal species. Reproductive biology and biotechnology have gained a firm foothold in the conference in addition to the traditional veterinary medicine, physiology and pathology of animal reproduction. The annual ESDAR conference is a must for all researchers and students involved in reproduction of domestic animals. The conference has been in many European countries since 1997, but for the first time it is going to be in Russia in 2019.


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Saint Petersburg

If the great cities of Europe competed for the title of «Most Beautiful», St Petersburg would be right up there. Yet it’s not just the majestic historical buildings or classical artistic traditions that make St Petersburg so compelling, it’s a diverse, exciting and prosperous city of 5 million people, in the midst of a new era of cultural expression. The platform for the ESDAR 2019 is The Veterinary Academy of St. Petersburg and the Congress center of the Holiday Inn hotel next to it. The Academy has spacious lecture halls and modern conference equipment. It also houses the biggest Pathoanatomical museum in Europe. It’s a unique museum with limited admission, but ESDAR conference participants will have the opportunity to visit it free of charge. The Holiday Inn is a modern hotel located close to the city center, just 15 minutes from the Hermitage museum and Nevsky prospect. The underground station is next to the hotel. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 to gain a foothold on Baltic Sea St.Petersburg was meant to be the capital of Russia right from the beginning. Everything was designed here on imperial scale, with imperial grandeur and luxury. Now it is called the Northern capital of Russia. St.Petersburg is the most important cultural and museum centre of Russia. There are over 200 museums here, but the city itself is a huge open air museum. The historical part of the city and it’s country sides are on the world heritage list (UNESCO HERITAGE).