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Tentative Scientific Programme 2019

ESDAR conference 2019

Thursday 19th September 2019

11.00-13.00              Veterinary academy tour to the museum

13.30-15.30               ESDAR Board meeting

15.30-17.00              City bus tour of Saint Petersburg

17.30-18.30              Rivers and canal boat trip Saint Petersburg

20.00-23.00              Welcome reception


Friday 20th September 2019

08.50-09.10              Opening Session

09.10-10.30              Plenary session 1                            

09.10-09.40              Keynote lecture 1: Embryo-maternal interactions in early pregnancy:
                                 What can we learn from the diabetic rabbit model?

                                 Anne Navarrete Santos (Germany)                                                        


09.40-10.30              Keynote lecture 2: How does the large litter challenge the immune
                                 system in the pig

                                 Claudio Oliviero (Finland)                                                                      


10.30-11.00              Coffee break


11.00-12.00              Oral communications I (for young scientists)                                          


12.00-12.15              Sponsor session


12.15-13.15              Oral communications II (4x4 OC’s)


13.15-14.15               Lunch Break


13.45-14.15              Meeting of the ESDAR Country Representatives


14.15-15.45              Poster session I


15.45-16.15              Coffee Break


16.15-17.45              Parallel workshops 1-4


                                 WS1: Moderator: Elena Nikitkina (Russia)

                                 Reproduction in Reindeer


                                  WS2: Moderator: Christoph Gabler (Germany)

                                 The potential effect of the microbiome on reproduction


                                 WS3: Moderator: Alex Grahofer (Switzerland)

                                 Swine Reproduction


                                 WS4: Moderator: John Mee (Ireland)

                                 Preparturient calving management –
                                 a bovine brainstorming workshop


19.00                        Gala dinner in Russian Restaurant Podvorye, Pushkin



Saturday 21st September 2019

08.45-10.05              Plenary session 2                            

08.45-09.25              Keynote lecture 3: Sperm mitochondrial regulation in motility
                                 and fertility

                                 Stuart Myers (USA)                                                                                    


09.25-10.05              Keynote lecture 4: Cattle welfare and reproduction

                                 M. v. Keyserlingk (Canada)                                                                      


10.05-10.35              Coffee break


10.35-11.15              Plenary session 3


                                 Keynote lecture 5: Air-liquid Interface cell culture:
                                 from airway epithelium to the female reproductive tract

                                 Jennifer Schön (Germany)                                                                      


11.15-12.00              ESDAR Annual business meeting


12.00-13.00              Oral communications III (4x4 OC’s)


13.00-14.00              Lunch Break


14.00-15.30              Poster session II


15.30-15.45              Coffee Break


15.45-17.15              Parallel workshops 5-8


                                 WS5: Moderator: Barbara Knutti (Switzerland)

                                 Ovum pick-up for practitioners (horse and cattle)


                                 WS6: Moderator: Marina Kholodova

                                 Wild animals and bird reproduction


                                 WS7: Moderator: John Kastelic (Canada)

                                 How to write and publish scientific papers


                                 WS8: Moderator: Joris Somers (Ireland)

                                 Lameness and reproduction in the bovine




17:15-17:30              Awards and Closure of ESDAR